Monday, November 4, 2013

What are Break Cards?

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What are Break Cards?

In Brandon's case, I recommended that BREAK CARDS be implemented into his normal routine.  Many of you may be asking what are break cards? Break cards are literally a card with the word break on it in some way.  They are used for students who may need to take a quick break before continuing with the task at hand or beginning another task.  These types are cards are mostly used for students with Autism.  The following webpage identifies reasons why, how and when break cards should be implemented, alternative methods, as well as, resources/supports.

What are the reasons behind the integration of break cards including:

Gives fidgety kids and those who have trouble sitting still for periods an opportunity to get up and move

To allow students time away from a stressful or potentially stressful situation

How do I include this strategy?

Explain the process to the student and have them practice it before implementation  

Either the student or teacher may initiate a break, though it is best when the students can identify the need for and take breaks appropriately 

When should I implement this tool? 

 When a student gets off task and is beginning to be disruptive but not problematic

When a student seems sleepy, bored, tired, etc

 What are some samples of break cards that I could use?

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  1. Hey April! I love that you posted a picture of brain breaks! I never associate brain breaks with break cards, but they totally are! I use brain breaks in my classroom and every kid seriously loves it! I do to! They are fast and fun and gets them up and out of their seats during a transition! There's lost of free printable ideas! They are definitely great for general and special education students!