Saturday, November 9, 2013

Key Questions

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Key Questions to Consider when Selecting

Educational Applications

When selecting educational applications, the following are things to consider:

What is the goal(s) or purpose(s) of computer use?
√ Providing an alternative means of completing schoolwork, participating in classroom activities, or demonstrating knowledge.
√ Using as a tool for writing, prewriting, and composition√ Finding information on the Internet or other reference tools
√ Self-expressing or making choices
√ Encouraging emergent literacy

Content of the educational application
√ Does it match the goal or purpose of computer use?
√ Does it match the student's interests? 

Matching student needs 
√ Young children and nonreaders or struggling readers benefit from speech output 
√ Children with preceptual problems need uncluttered screens and clear, easily readable fonts
√ Children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities need programs in which speed of response or input is not essential.  

Flexibility of educational application 
√ Can the visual display be customized for the student's individual needs?
√ Can sound or music be turned off?
√ Can speed and reaction time be modified?
√ Is it easy to use and customize?


Adapted from "Content Software Makes the Grade," by D.A. Newton, A.G. Dell, and A.M.     
                Disdier, 1998, Exceptional Parent, 20(12).

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