Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Integrating AT into an IEP

A Blogger's Insight:

How to Integrate AT into an IEP

As required by IDEA, assistive technology may be integrated into the student's IEP in one or more of three areas (if needed):
1. In the annual goals and short term objectives)
2. In related services section
3. In the supplemental aids and services section
 (ALL to support the student in the least restrictive educational environment)
FIRST investigate the role AT may have in helping the student performance during instruction and assessment
THEN Curriculum, state standards, and skills should be taken into consideration
NEXT consider the academic, as well as, non-academic tasks/activities the student will need to completing to achieve the goals and objectives
THEN consider, any and all, forms of effective supports and materials that may aid in the success of the student
FINALLY Brainstorm No/Low- to High-Tech TOOLS and STRATEGIES to complete tasks across environments

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