Wednesday, November 20, 2013


A Blogger's Insight:


Before entering to Cabrini College for my Master's of Education, I took a similar course of Assistive Technology at Kutztown University.  So when I was told I had to take this course, I was hesitate that I would already know most of the information.  Due to this, I would be extremely bored and felt that I had nothing else to learn.  Man was I wrong!!  I do stand by the fact that I knew a lot of the information coming into the course already, however what I took out of blogging is more than just a grade, IT'S A GIFT!
I have learned so much about assistive technology that I did not know before.  I am able to inform anyone of the process behind selecting and implementing assistive technology, as well as, the ability to select APPROPRIATE types of AT for each individual student.  What I use to believe is not something appropriate is now something I advocate against to others who I discuss the matter with.  I can not express the amount of knowledge I have integrated into my tool kit and all of the strategies, tips, procedures, and feedback that have expanded my experience and LOVE for teaching.  The other students' blogs have also given me so many AWESOME ideas on how to integrate AT into the curriculum using both low- and high-tech tools and strategies!!
Again I can not express my gratitude enough.  Blogging was more than just a project is was an experience worth more than a grade!

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