Sunday, September 15, 2013

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A Review of the Wiki Site at 

Throughout this journey of universal design of learning through the use of assistive technology, we have looked at the definition of UDL, the true meaning of UDL, ways to develop an instructional plan for children on a one-on-one basis, the guidelines of UDL and how they were incorporated and modified into an already designed lesson plan, etc.  Hopefully you have taken out just as much as I have after reviewing the information and websites presented throughout my blogs.  However, we really have not looked at the additional resources and tools available to teachers and students.  My prior experience and knowledge, in addition to, the Wiki Spaces have proven that many classrooms are lacking assistive technology because of many different reasons.  Some teachers and administrators fear that these AT tools required an abundance amount of money and time, and yet many resources provided are FREE and can be found/created with little effort and time.  This website provides their readers with a whole list of on-line sites to download many different assistive technologies that can aid ANY classroom.  They also include dozens of tools and strategies to improve reading, mathematics, writing, and much more.  

To show you this is possible, I am going to find and link ten more additional websites or 'DIY' ideas that could be incorporated into a classroom for little to NO money. - Where teachers and students can write, edit, illustrate and publish their own classroom books. - Turn ANY PDF file into a fun interactive flip book for your classroom. - Create FREE tools, games, graphic organizers, quizzes, and MUCH MORE. - A great 'DIY' website for AT tools that can be helpful in the classroom and day-to-day living. - Interesting 'DIY' examples created by others, great ideas for the classroom. - Using everyday materials with adaptions. - adaptations and assistive technologies through the eyes of a teacher. - adaptations and assistive technology recommended to use for young people. - creative ways to adapt every day objects for the classroom.   
Now go try it yourself.. You have no more excuses for not including AT within your classroom!  

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  1. I think it's a great way to advertise free websites for educators looking to use assistive technology. I really liked the flipsnack website. I believe this would be great in conjunction with a smart board to have students follow along with classroom read alouds.