Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A Blogger's Insight:

Module 1: Self-Evaluation   

Throughout this first week of Assisted Technology, I have evolved not only my educational 'toolkit' but my understanding and passion for UDL.  When I first heard of UDL, it was confusing, overwhelming and difficult to follow all of the complex aspects involved in this idea of learning.  As the years went by and my experience in the classroom expanded, I found the idea of UDL become more prevalent within the classrooms and more easily understand.  However, even after all of that experience, who would have thought that an INTRODUCTORY class on Assisted Technology would have pushed my learning, interest and passion to new heights!  The things I have learned about UDL from the abundant amount of information presented in all of the resources I have reviewed, have modeled me into not only a better teacher, but an all-around better person!  Understanding Universal Design for Learning has allowed me to take a step back and think of all different strategies and techniques to maximize learning and optimize options and alternatives, not only in the classroom but in my day to day life, as well. 


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