Thursday, October 3, 2013

Questions in the Classroom

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Questions in the Classroom

As you may know, teachers encounter all different types of situations - even some that you wish you hadn't - on a daily basis.  As a teacher myself, I get to the point where sometimes I may think, "What could possibly happen that I haven't seen before?!?" and then, something does!  However, because of this, teachers know they have to be equipped with quick tactics and solutions to fix all problems - logical or not.  Even if we could, somehow, fix all of the problems taking places in a classroom... we are not SUPER HEROES (Although we may think we are).  Many times, we teachers, also have questions just as the students do - probably even more than our students sometimes.  To answer these questions, teachers have to be about to communicate their needs and do it well.  Which opens the door to communication within the classroom.  Like mentioned in my previous blog, we are going to be exploring the topic of communication and computer access throughout the next couple of weeks.  In the next blog, we are going to open up the floor by answering some questions regarding communication. 

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