Friday, October 18, 2013

AT Internet Module

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AT Internet Module    

Today, we have the task of viewing an internet module based on AT Considerations, which is a process used to determine whether or not assistive technology is needed and appropriate for a students to access a free, appropriate education in a least restrictive environment.  When I took the pre-assessment, I got one incorrect.  The one I got incorrect is as follows: 

3. To begin the AT selection process, start by looking at the features of available AT and select the tool that is the best fit for the student.

Your Answer:True
Correct Answer: False

Question Feedback:

False. Before selecting AT for the individual student, the team must have a strong sense of the student's needs and strengths, and an understanding of the task(s) to be accomplished. Then the team can look for features that will complement and enhance the student's capabilities. Teams should not suggest devices until they fully understand the student's abilities and have matched the identified needs to the features of AT equipment.

After going through the module, I learned SO much valuable information relating to the S.E.T.T Framework and the assessment process of students.  I am proud to say that I received 7/7 on the post-assessment.  I suggest you go to the website and evolve your toolkit, as well.  The website is free to join and provides many resources from on-line modules to activities, discussion questions, documents, and available help. 


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